Double garden spike adjustable

Double garden spike adjustable

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12V GU5.3 bi pin LED
Order lamp: GE-MR4.8W  (GE German brand qulaity long life lamp)
Rod length: 800mm tall
Lead length: 2m
Optional anti glare clip on cowl  (HL7354SP-AGC)
See section for Power Supplies
Garden installations must be fully IP68 watertight to prevent costly remedial work
Use only direct burial garden cable (stranded) of correct rating
With 240V wiring, consider the implications of RCD’s if present
Multiple wiring
Wire in parallel
Use a magnetic transformer or suitable long distance electronic driver
The electrician is required to do a voltage drop calculation based on load, cable size and distance
Suggested lamp
Cheap lamps will likely give a dull light and fail easily, which will compromise the installation
We offer the GE German brand top quality lamp (GE-MR4.8W)
Aluminium suitability
General use. Not suitable in seaside conditions or other more extreme situations where copper or stainless would be far better
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Black, Copper, Silver, Stainless