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Electrical Wiring & Installation

The Landscape Lighting Company are residential outdoor lighting specialists in Auckland. From consultation to design to installation, we deliver custom outdoor lighting solutions tailored to your requirements, your property and your budget. Whether you’re looking for outdoor heating solutions, landscape lighting to create an alluring ambiance in your outdoor space, or modern pool features we are here to help. With more than 20 years in the industry, a professional team and exceptional service, we have the experience and expertise to bring your ideas to light!

If you’d like to discuss your outdoor lighting project, or looking for inspiration and advice, please don’t hesitate to call us on 0800 544 846 or Contact Us to arrange an on-site consultation and quote.

Pool and Spa Power

Pools and spas are the epitome of relaxation and luxury, and their electrical foundations should be nothing less than perfect. Specialising in pool and spa power, Landscape Lighting Company offers unparalleled expertise and safety in this niche. Our deep-rooted industry knowledge sets us apart.

Unlike general electricians who may dabble in pool installations occasionally, our dedicated focus ensures that every installation is reliable, safe, and long-lasting. Dive into the peace of mind, knowing that behind the serene waters lies the robustness and safety of our electrical craftsmanship.

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Water Features

Water features are the soul of a landscape, adding a touch of tranquility and elegance to any outdoor space. At Landscape Lighting Company, our proficiency isn’t just confined to lighting.

As outdoor electrical specialists, we breathe life into water features, ensuring they operate seamlessly and become the heartbeat of your garden. From fountains to waterfalls, our electrical solutions ensure every droplet dances to the rhythm of reliability and sophistication.

Outdoor Heating

Auckland’s chilly evenings call for a warm embrace, and our outdoor heating solutions are here to deliver just that. Landscape Lighting Company, with its prowess in outdoor electrical specializations, ensures that your patios and decks are always ready for those cozy gatherings. Providing quality heating solutions by market-leading brand Infratech.

Our heating installations promise not only warmth but also an unbeatable assurance of safety and longevity. We don’t just provide heat; we craft warm memories.

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General Outdoor Power
and Advanced Solutions

The vast expanse of outdoor electrical needs is comprehensively catered to at Landscape Lighting Company. From providing general outdoor power to intricate installations like powered outdoor louver systems, our expertise knows no bounds.

Every project we undertake is a testament to our commitment as outdoor electrical specialists. We understand that today’s landscapes demand more than just aesthetics; they require functionality, safety, and innovation. And that’s precisely what we deliver, with every wire, switch, and installation.

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