Garden and Outdoor Lighting Auckland NZ

Lighting has the power to accentuate details, emphasise focus, and create an alluring ambiance where we feel perfectly at ease. The Landscape Lighting Company are outdoor lighting specialists in Auckland NZ, offering professional garden lighting design, outdoor lighting installation, and access to the latest lighting technologies to illuminate your outdoor space with beauty & imagination.



When the sun sets, a home’s surroundings become an extension of private comforts thanks to professional use of outdoor lighting — and the perfect opportunity to play on architectural and landscape features in elegant ways. Our outdoor lighting and garden light services make for a stunning display of outdoor elements with hues, shades, and lighting depths personalised to the unique features of your environment, and the lifestyle it conveys. What’s more, our energy-efficient LED technology ensures you can relax & enjoy your paradise every day … not just on special occasions.


Whether as a side effect of creative outdoor lighting or with a primary yet subtle purpose, we provide attractive and effective security lighting for both homeowners and commercial premises in Auckland. With a full range of motion sensor lights, timer lights, outdoor security lights, driveway lighting and entrance lighting, you can rest assured that your property will be well lit when it needs to be.
Get in touch with our experienced team for expert advice as to which lighting is best suited to your requirements. We can also help with the design, supply and installation of top quality lighting products.


As homegrown New Zealand creatives, we take great pride in the beauty of private, usable spaces nestled in the neighbourhoods of Aotearoa. By providing custom outdoor lighting designs, professional installation, quality lighting supply, and trusted service on existing lighting systems, we inspire homeowners and landscapers to be imaginative, carefree, and keen on the outcome of something special. As local service providers, we stand by our local suppliers with NZ lights and technologies that illuminate New Zealand — one stunning nightscape at a time.

20 years of extensive experience in
the outdoor lighting industry

Residential Garden and
Landscape Lighting

Inspired, innovative, bespoke lighting design to match your requirements, budget and outdoor space. Be it for beautification or security, we have products and expertise to enhance your outdoor nighttime experience.

Commercial Outdoor and
Security Lighting

We have a wealth of experience in designing, supplying and installing lighting for commercial businesses, apartments, housing developments and community spaces, both for landscaping aesthetics and security lighting.

Top Quality Lights and Accessories

Exciting range of landscaping and outdoor security lights to create any desired effect. Top quality products constructed from high grade materials with up to 10 years guarantee to thrive in the harshest NZ conditions.

Design, Supply, Installation and Maintenance

Full service lighting company: Initial consultation and design; Supply of quality lighting products; Installation by our team of qualified electricians; After-sales service; Ongoing maintenance to ensure lighting remains functional and attractive as plants grow.